Technical inspection of buildings

Vielca Ingenieros is specialised in performing Technical Inspections of Buildings (known by its Spanish acronym as ITE).

The Royal Decree-Law 8/2011 establishes the obligation to prepare the Technical Inspections of Buildings report on buildings that are more than 50 years old and in towns with a population of more than 25,000 people, both in the Valencian Community as well as throughout the rest of Spain.

The Technical Inspections of Buildings is a type of preventive legal maintenance, whereby the buildings are routinely subject to the review of a series of factors that affect the safety of the building and the persons that occupy it. Technical Inspections of Buildings are regulated by Royal Decree-Law 8/2011 of July 1 and by the various Municipal Ordinances, which determine the conditions for carrying out the inspections.

Depending on the local regulations, various aspects of the building may be subject to review, such as: the foundation and structure, facades and partition walls, sealing and decks, general facilities and other aspects that affect the safety, health or public beautification.

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