Tratamiento de aguas


The role of the engineer in water treatment consists of several stages: from data collection, planning, design, evaluation, project and construction, to the operation and maintenance of the systems needed to achieve the objectives of proper water management of both waste water as well as drinking water.

At Vielca Ingenieros, we analyse the main elements of water management, from its origin and control to designing the most appropriate and specific treatments for each need.

We have extensive experience in the design of drinking water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants, with more than 300 projects under our belt, which makes us familiar with the latest trends and most innovative treatments. Among these projects, we can highlight those carried out in the major cities of the Valencian Community.

We analyse, select and design the most appropriate operations and treatment processes for the purification and treatment of wastewater, with the removal of contaminants from the wastewater and the drainage systems and reuse of treated effluents, for both large and small populations.

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