Vielca Medio Ambiente

Due to the number of environmental activities undertaken, it was decided that Vielca Medio Ambiente would be added to the Vielca Group.

Vielca Medio Ambiente SL is an environmental engineering and consulting firm that was founded in 2008 as a result of a split from Vielca Ingenieros S.A., in order to cover the important need for specialisation in environmental issues as a result of the increasing social awareness of the effects of the plans and projects on the environment and development of laws that is associated with this process.

Development should be carried out in a sustainable manner, satisfying the economic, social and cultural needs of the population whilst also respecting the environment. Vielca Medio Ambiente takes these concepts into account when conducting studies and carrying out projects, working to achieve sustainability and environmental conservation.

With professionals specialised in various areas spanning subjects as diverse as law, consulting, advisory and technical work, the company has been involved in the activities in this department almost since it was initially founded, recently adding specialists in landscape studies.

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