Nuestra historia

The company VIELCA INGENIEROS S.A. was founded in March 1990 in Valencia, and at that time its company objective was defined as "An engineering services and architecture consulting firm for performing all types of jobs and technical studies."

Vielca Ingenieros started its business in a 90 m2 rented office and its staff consisted of two engineers and an administrative assistant. Its potential customers were concentrated only in the government bodies of the Valencian Community.

Vielca's beginnings were marked by performing excellent jobs for the few government bodies that decided to rely on the limited human resources that the company had to offer. Thanks to the success of the first projects that it completed, it was able to establish a strong position among the excellent engineering firms in Valencia. Over time and with hard work and dedication, our company has continued to grow steadily despite the cycles of public investment, which has allowed us to place ourselves, in various fields, among the top engineering firms in Spain.

The company currently has a staff of engineers in the field of civil engineering, industrial engineering, environmental engineering and architecture, and is totally independent from any other company, government body or business. Vielca Ingenieros has prestigious specialists in all areas of civil engineering and architecture. Its headquarters, which spread out over an area of ​​1,100 m2, are located in Valencia, and it also has offices in Africa, South America and Central America.


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