VIELCA INGENIEROS, S.A., is a company that is firmly established in the field of engineering, consulting and architecture, and from its very inception, it has maintained close cooperation with the various departments of the central government, regional governments and a large number of organisations in the regional and local governments, providing support services in the field of consulting and technical assistance, as well as conducting a number of studies, reports and projects, in addition to performing a large number of inspections and site management.

In the private sector, the company has been involved in activities in the field of urban planning, environment, architecture, industrial warehouses, water treatment plants, sanitation facilities, schools, nursing homes, resorts, service stations and electromechanical facilities.

Since its founding, the company VIELCA INGENIEROS S.A. has demonstrated a clear commitment to continuity, growth and improvement in the services provided. Our company's main asset is the human and technical quality of its staff who work with sophisticated computer systems. In addition, being aware of the innovations taking place in all fields of engineering, the company allocates part of its annual budget to investing in the training and professional development of its staff.

The quality of the work performed is backed by experience that has been acquired over many years and a solid system of self-monitoring that enables developing a planned, structured and systematic process with checkpoints. This system implemented in our company, with its own methodology, enables easily detecting any errors that may occur in the process of designing and drafting projects, as well as in the inspection of works.

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