Collaboration with NGOs

The senior management at Vielca Ingenieros, S.A. has always shown its commitment to society by supporting the most disadvantaged. Aware of the responsibility that companies in the first world have toward less developed societies, since it was founded, Vielca Ingenieros has worked with many charities by contributing money and human resources, using our engineering expertise in those countries most in need.

Therefore, understanding that our business objectives go beyond that of seeking pure financial gain, Vielca Ingenieros, S.A. has collaborated in recent years with the following organisations:

Intermon Oxfam

We believe that together we can change the world and we have decided to take action to make the world a more just, united and peaceful place.


Red Cross

The Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent currently in force are: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality.

Cruz Roja

Association of Parents of Children with Cancer in the Valencian Community

This organisation was created with the aim of covering forgotten or neglected areas in the life of children with cancer and their families, so that they achieve the highest level of quality of life, since the disease changes all expectations for the future of the children and the adults involved.


Hogar Social Juvenil

The aim of the Hogar Social Juvenil is to be more than just a shelter. Since its founding, the primary objective has been to achieve the full integration of the residents in our lives, giving them a job or training and setting them on a path to a future life outside of the home, instilling in them that working is a necessity as well as the belief that work is what gives one dignity.


"Dias Solidarios"

Vielca Ingenieros, S.A. believes that the company's corporate social responsibility makes it committed to the full development of the people. This commitment takes shape by training the most disadvantaged, which is the best tool for fighting poverty. This determination can only be materialised with the active participation of the employees, which is why Vielca Ingenieros, S.A. has encouraged and facilitated the contribution of its employees through the figure of Días Solidarios.

It consists of one, two or three days' wages per year that the employees voluntarily donate to social and humanitarian initiatives. Participation is voluntary and the company matches the total amount contributed by employees.

Días Solidarios

In this manner, the company and employees share a common goal of helping the most underprivileged people in our world.

The contribution is made every year during the month of December in order to be deposited in a lump sum amount by the end of the year.

This financial contribution, fruit of the efforts of all those involved in "días solidarios", will be given to an NGO called POLIGONO INDUSTRIAL DON BOSCO in El Salvador. This association carries out its work in El Salvador, providing a place where young ex-convicts who decide to abandon violence can receive training and encouragement to learn an occupation that will allow them to reintegrate into society.

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