Excellence in quality

Our staff is our best asset and the strength of our company

The common denominator of our work in different countries is the ability to adapt to the environment and knowledge of specific regulations and legislation, as well as social agents, the geographical and socio-demographic environment. Equally essential is the ability to manage, process and communicate with organizations of various kinds and, not least, the use of our technology.


Multidisciplinary team

Vielca has opted for bringing together the best specialists in each area, fostered by the constant evolution and innovation that occurs in engineering.


More than 300 professionals

The human capital that VIELCA GROUP has, taking together Spain and Central America, already exceeds 300 professionals from all specialties.


Satisfaction in our clients

The pursuit of ever-increasing customer satisfaction and the continuous search for improvement opportunities are part of our DNA.



Vicente M. Candela Canales

Chief Executive Officer

Civil Engineer from the University of Alicante, Master Civil Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Master in Business Management from the University of Valencia.

He founded the company Vielca in Valencia in 1990 and since then he has been the CEO of the company.

President of the Valencian Association of Consulting Engineers (AVINCO) from 2017 to the present.

Author of several research works and patented inventions with international recognition.


Alberto Vila

Transport infrastructure, architecture and urban planning

Luis Fernández

Hydraulic works, waste treatment and structures

Constancio Amurrio

Environmental Engineering

Pablo Blanco

Research, development and innovation

Rafael Ibáñez

LATAM Regional Director

Gracia Peña

Legal representative of Vielca Ingenieros S.A. El Salvador Branch

Henry González

Legal representative of Vielca Ingenieros S.A. Nicaragua Branch