The Association of Forestry Municipalities of the Valencian Community (AMUFOR) has entrusted the Valencian engineering company Vielca Ingenieros with the provision of engineering and architectural technical services, with a view to its members being able to access in a faster and more efficient way the grants that will be called in the next four years, and in particular the European funds. Next Generation (new generation funds).

The total amount awarded is EUR 8 million. Thanks to this signed framework agreement, the more than ninety associated municipalities that make up AMUFOR will be able to benefit from significant time and cost savings when bidding and awarding requests for any technical engineering and architectural service. Municipalities benefiting from the framework agreement, which provides for an implementation period of four years, will have these services available in a very short time, only one week compared to the year normally required in an open tender.

The service provided provides a solution to the need to have any project and management of municipal works in a very short time. At the same time, it provides great agility for contracting technical services when investments are needed that serve citizens in the shortest possible time.

Common interests

AMUFOR is a group of local entities located in the Valencian Community that own forest land in its area. At present, it has ninety associated municipalities (partners) spread throughout the three provinces of the Valencian Community. Fifty-three of them are located in Valencia, thirty-one in Castellón and ten in Alicante, to which are added the Provinces of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante.

Headquartered in Enguera (Valencia), its creation responds to the concern of all these municipalities for the conservation and sustainable management of their natural resources. The work of AMUFOR is aimed at promoting forest management, so that forests are a driving force for rural development for the populations that support them. The cluster provides its partners with a technical assistance and advice service to enable municipalities to participate in the planning and sustainable management of local forest resources.

Proven experience and rigour

The services contracted to Vielca Ingenieros are divided into three main sections: documentation for applying for grants (drafting of the necessary technical documentation, technical specifications sheets, table of particular characteristics and supporting documents for works files), drafting of architectural projects and directorates, and drafting of engineering projects and site managements. The works that may be requested by the City Councils include any municipal promotion work.

The Vielca Group has a technical team specialized in various areas, such as hydraulics, solid and liquid waste treatment, transport infrastructure, energy, architecture, environment and R & D & I, among others. The group is made up of the companies Vielca Ingenieros S.A. (specializing in engineering and architectural technical services), Vielca Medio Ambiente S.L. (specializing in environmental works) and Vielca Energía, specializing in renewable energies.