Working field

Hydraulics and water treatment


Ministerio de Obras Publicas MOP

Ending Year



1,398,979.88 $

The project consists of supervising the repair, reconstruction and/or replacement of elements that have suffered severe damage to the physical structure or foundation. Improvement of the vault over the Chilismuyo ravine located on Los Sisimiles Street, between Los Héroes Boulevard and SERTRACEN, in the municipality and department of San Salvador, broken down into the following activities:

  • Restitution of hydraulic bed
  • Reconstruction of waterbed surface.
  • Resane from superficial cracks.
  • Resane of vault or vault walls.
  • Repair of excavations.
  • Exploration of drainage networks.
  • Repair of infiltrations.
  • Construction of Damper Basin.

Carry out a new survey of the existing topographic survey, detailed with geodetic mooring of the interior of the vault and the exterior surface to determine the exact location of the vault, as well as the points of damage that compromise the integrity of its structure, both in the area involved in this project and in the rest of the vault.

Type of services provided:

Restitution of Hydraulic Bed: Filling of the lost material at the base of the same, considering an average depth of 5m (data taken from the repairs carried out in the first 300 m of the vault), in addition, the concrete slab of the hydraulic bed will be reinforced concrete, because it must be considered that this is part of the structural configuration of the vault itself.

Reconstruction of waterbed surface: Restitution of only the surface of the waterbed with reinforced concrete, by applying concrete 210 kg/cm2, e=7.5 cm, with electro mesh 6×6 9/9.

Resane of superficial cracks: Includes scarification, application of adhesive and repellent.

Resane of vault or walls of the vault with exposure of reinforcing steel: It is considered for this work the application of concrete 210 kg/cm2, e=7.5 cm, with electro mesh 6×6 9/9.

Repair of excavations: Throughout the length of the vault, in sections where there are cracks in the cross section of the vault structure, due to possible settlements, or to an overload.

Drainage Network Exploration: Identify the distribution or drainage networks of drinking water, sewage and rainwater throughout and around the vault, inspecting wells and rethinking their path in order to determine and repair possible infiltrations of these networks into the vault.

Repair of points with serious internal infiltrations: In sections where the structural integrity is compromised by the exposure of the reinforcing steel due to loss of concrete, which can lead to weakening of the structure of the vault. This activity is carried out along the entire vault.

Construction of Damper Basin: Since at the exit point of the vault there is no damping work for the discharged flow, the works necessary for this purpose must be constructed. For this particular heading, the contractor shall inspect and diagnose the current condition of the discharge structure and shall propose to the supervisor a design with the best type and location of the discharge damping works; once reviewed by the supervisor, he shall recommend to the Contract Manager the agreed design for its construction.