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The aim of the project is the design of a new structural tent, whose main feature is to incorporate great thermal insulation and greater resistance to wind, fire, water and impacts than the tents known today.

The system designed solves the disadvantages of current isothermal systems, which are insufficient in extreme climates such as North Africa and have very high costs.

The main novelty is the design of the sturdy structure, as the parts that are used in all the tents that are currently manufactured are eliminated. For its assembly you need the raw material around you, such as sand, gravel, snow, etc. All materials are free of substances toxic to health and of sharp elements. Therefore, they are materials that do not need to be transformed, so neither energy is consumed nor CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere.

Measurements of deformations, temperatures, humidity and load resistance have been made. All these trials are also compared with existing tents on the market to prove their advantages.

“Certification of the R+D+I project for the development of a new structural tent” obtains financing from IVACE with an amount of €1,680.00 through the program of certification of R+D+I projects, with file number IMACPA/2016/289.

“Patent validation of a new structural tent” is funded by IVACE with an amount of € 32,281.46 through the PIDI-CV 2017 programme with file number IMIDTA/2017/48.

Both projects have been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

These objectives have been successfully achieved, as the realization of this first prototype has allowed us to test the technical feasibility of our invention.


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