Working field

Hydraulics and water treatment, Industrial Facilities



Ending Year



13.242.440,08 €

Detailed description of the project

Due to the inability of the current plant to treat both the incoming flow and the high pollutant load (discharges from textile industries and mills), the existing facilities need to be renovated/expanded. Furthermore, due to the advanced state of eutrophication in which the Beniarrés reservoir is located, to which the discharge from the Font de la Pedra WWTP reaches it, and to which it is intended to reuse half of the treated water for industrial purposes, tertiary treatment is required. All this involves: a change in the treatment line (switching from a conventional system to a system of active sludge in prolonged aeration) and the construction of a tertiary treatment for the reuse of the treated water.

The works consist of the refurbishment and repair of existing facilities, including demolition of existing elements such as pre-treatment, reactors, primary and secondary decanters.

The treatment flow is increased from 9,000 m3/day to 15,000 m3/day. The new treatment line consists of:

Water line

  • Reception and pre-treatment chamber in civil works: 2 roughing and screening channels each equipped with a grid and automatic cleaning sieve. Two channels of desanding-degreasing.
  • Regulation pond of 313 m3 equipped with agitators and ejectors to prevent septic conditions. Chemical conditioning in the pond itself in anticipation of the arrival of influential carriers of refractory nutrients (difficult to absorb). It is also planned to dose hydrochloric acid solution to neutralize the waters at essential times.
  • Biological treatment by means of the ORBAL system, which consists of concentric oxidation channels, connected in series, which alternate oxic, anoxic and anaerobic zones, and in which the circulation of water and the supply of oxygen is achieved by turning discs, made of plastic material, partially submerged. 2 ORBAL tanks (3 channels each tank) with a unit volume of 15699.13 m3.
  • Secondary settling: 2 gravity settlers with a diameter of 31 m.
  • Labyrinth of chlorination of 199.9 m3.
  • Tertiary treatment: flint filtration (5 closed filters with a diameter of 3.2 m and a cylindrical height of 2 m) and disinfection of treated water by ultraviolet radiation in two closed metal reactors (8 lamps, with a total UV-C power of 4680 W).

Sludge line

  • Screening (100 m3/h rotary sieve) and gravity thickening (diameter 16.4 m)
  • Conditioning (polyelectrolyte) and dehydration by 2 centrifuges of 15 m3/h and 37.0 kW
Type of services provided

Site Management:

– Project monitoring
– Topographic survey
– Measurement of construction units
– Monitoring and control of the evolution of the tasks to be performed in order to optimize the needs and costs of the work
– Environmental monitoring
– Quality Control

Health and Safety Coordination:

– Ensure that the principles of prevention and the health and safety plan are complied with when necessary at the worksite.
– Coordination of the control of the correct application of the work methods of the site