An exciting breakthrough in improving medical care has been launched in Chiquimula and Sololá. Work began to expand the hospitals in both departments, in response to the growing demand for health services.

Advisor Irayda Ruiz shared key details of this initiative. In Chiquimula, the capacity of beds will be increased from 170 to 214, while in Sololá, it will double from 123 to 268 beds.

The estimated investment for the Hospital de Chiquimula is USD 33,641,077.93 and for the Hospital de Sololá, USD 35,127,961.85, financed in part by a loan from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration.

This project represents a complete transformation of the hospital infrastructure. In Chiquimula, an additional 10,500 square meters will be built, and in Sololá, sections were demolished to create 14,457 square meters new.

A FastTrack methodology will be used to expedite construction, which could allow the completion of major works between July and August 2024.

The extensions will include differentiated emergency areas, diagnostic facilities, laboratories, radiology and well-equipped operating theatres. This project represents a significant improvement in health care at both departmental and regional levels.

In the words of Irayda Ruiz, “Every quetzal in these projects has been well invested in something priceless, the health of the Guatemalan population.”