Working field

Hydraulics and water treatment



Ending Year



$ 46,492,878.21

The works covered by the Project are, in summary, the following:

Drinking water component.

  • Collection work: 20 wells drilled from 14 to 22 l/s, Prof. from 320 to 380 m and Diam of 18″.
  • Pumping stations, 20 Submersible pump and motor stations
  • Drive line Supply and installation of 11,586 km of HFD piping including HFD fittings on drive lines
  • Disinfection : a chlorine gas station with vacuum dosing
  • Steel storage tanks, consists of 4 steel tanks above ground with a total of 10,424.24 m3. Where, the TK01 tank is existing to be rehabilitated and the TK02, TK03, TK04 and TK05 tanks are new to be built.
  • Distribution network, Supply and installation of 126. 51 km of PVC, distribution networks in different diameters and ballots
  • new home connections. 904 connections.
  • The total cost of construction US$ 23,528,048.90 (Twenty-three Million Five Hundred Twenty-eight Thousand Forty-eight United States Dollars with 90/100), to be executed in an investment stage.

Sanitary Sewerage Component

  • Collection network 82.99 km of collectors and collection networks with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes, with diameters of 100 mm and 750 mm; the construction of 1,320 inspection wells (PVS) of trapezoidal brick masonry with depths between 1.20 and 8.50 m; the construction of 1 inspection well of reinforced concrete and 254 inspection boxes of reinforced concrete.
  • Two Wastewater Pumping Stations (EBAR), made up of submersible type pumps with powers of 5 hp, construction of wet wells 1.20m x 1.90m x 4.25m; volume of 2.15 m3 of Reinforced Concrete 280 kg/cm2 (4,000 psi), Reinforcement Steel Grade 60
  • Works of the treatment system (PTAR), Consisting of inlet box, two inlet channels with manual cleaning grids, pumping well 260m3/h, rotatamiz with opening of 3mm with capacity of 935.5 m3/h, two desanding channels, Parshall channel. UASB reactors with 4 modules capacity of 972 m3 each. 4 modules of ripening lagoons, trays of effluents to lagoons, and 4 modules of drying beds of 14 m x 9 m.
  • The total cost of Construction: US $ 46,492,878.21 (Forty Six Million Four Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Eight Dollars with 21/100),
Consulting, diagnostics, Studies and designs:

The studies will be carried out in four (4) phases and their results will be reflected in seven (7) reports, as follows:

Phase I: Diagnosis of the current situation of the drinking water and sanitary sewerage system.

Output 1: Initial report. Work plan. Report of the study area and methodologies, cartography, topography.

Output 2: Population and housing report and Topographic report.

Output 3: Diagnostic report.

Phase II: Feasibility studies for drinking water and sewage systems.

Output 4: Conceptual report on alternatives.

Output 5: Feasibility report on drinking water and sanitation projects.

Phase III: Final design of drinking water and sanitary sewerage systems.

Output 6: Final design report for the drinking water and sewage projects.

Phase IV: Tender Documents

Output 7: Bidding documents, monitoring, operation and maintenance