Working field

Hydraulics and water treatment



Ending Year



25,778,104.43 USD

The works covered by the Project are, in summary, the following:

Drinking water component.

  • Collection work: Three drilled wells 500 gpm (31.55l/s),Prof. 56 m and Diam 18”.
  • pumping stations, Three stations with submersible pump and motor of 75, 74 and 69 HP ; Drive line, 8.04 Km of HFD pipes, Diam 200 mm, 250 mm and 300 mm Disinfection: a chlorine gas station with vacuum dosing
  • Steel Storage Tanks, One (1) tank of 564.52 m³ on tower of 15 m height and one (1) tank of 644.26 m³ on tower of 14 m height.
  • Rehabilitation of an existing steel tank of 378.54 m³ on a 14.0 m high tower.
  • Distribution networks of both cities, 46.02 Km of PVC pipes with diameters from 50 mm to 200 mm. It includes 17 hydrants, 5 Operation and Control Units (UOC). 1.92 Km of Conduction Lines that will feed the distribution networks from the Storage Tanks. 649.
  • new home connections. 649 connections 2,982 families to benefit from the implementation of the project at the end of the design period (2042), representing 20,891 people.
  • The total cost of construction US$ 8,833,717.75 (Eight Million Eight Hundred Thirty-Three Thousand Seven Hundred Seventeen with 75/100), to be executed in an investment stage.

Sanitary Sewerage Component

  • Collection network 58.0 Km of PVC pipe, in diameters from 150 mm (6”) to 375 mm (15”). 760 Visit Wells (PVS) in the First Phase of Construction and 152 Visit Wells (PVS) for the Second Phase, with depths ranging from 1.20 m to 15.50 m.
  • eight (8) Wastewater Pumping Stations (EBAR), 2.15 l/s at 58.33 l/s, 1.0 to 20 HP pumping equipment: Phase 1: Five (5) EBAR Phase II: Three (3) EBAR., consists of 6.7 Km of Impulse Lines, formed by PVC pipes SDR-26 and SDR-17 in diameters from 75mm (3”) to 250mm (10”).
  • Home connections; 2,909 home connections
  • Treatment system works (PTAR), pretreatment + UASB reactors + ripening lagoons + drying beds and construction of buildings and other related civil and electromechanical infrastructure works. four (4) treatment modules with a capacity of 7.57 l/s each, Phase 1:Three (3) modules;Phase II: One (1) module; Wastewater discharge line from the PTAR for disposal in the Rio de Oro, 1.63 km long and 1,200 mm (48”) in diameter.
  • The total cost of Construction: US$ 25,778,104.43 (Twenty-five Million Seven Hundred Sixty and Eight Thousand One Hundred Four with 43/100).
Consulting, diagnostics, Studies and designs:

The studies will be carried out in three (3) phases and their results will be reflected in six (6) reports, as follows:

Phase I: Diagnosis of the current situation of the drinking water and sanitation system.

Output 1: Diagnostic report.

Output 2: Topography and Calicata Report

Phase II: Feasibility Studies of Drinking Water and Sanitary Sewerage Systems.

Output 3: Conceptual Report on Alternatives and Environmental Assessment

Output 4: Feasibility report.

Phase III: Final Design of the Drinking Water and Sanitary Sewerage Systems.

Output 5: Final Design Report for Drinking Water and Sanitary Sewerage Works.

Output 6: Tender documents.