Working field

Hydraulics and water treatment



Ending Year



1.256.140,68 €

Detailed description of the project

The project consists of the renovation of the Tinajón siphon, which is located between the municipalities of Ulea and Molina de Segura, both in the province of Murcia. The existing siphon is composed of two parallel pipes of 1 m in diameter, with an approximate length of 2.2 km. The pipe on the left is in poor condition and needs to be replaced; the right pipe has recently been replaced in helical welded steel.

The new siphon originates in the existing inlet chamber. The outlet of the new pipe is located at the same point where the existing left pipe starts. Therefore, it is necessary to demolish the first meters of the existing reinforced concrete pipe with sheet metal jacket.

This does not affect the service of the siphon, since, although the left bank pipeline is taken out of service, the right helical-welded steel pipe remains in service at all times during the execution of the works. The route runs along the existing left pipe in the first part of its route, so it is necessary to remove and demolish the existing left pipe and place the new planned pipe in its place. Various standard sections have been considered depending on the different sections of the pipeline where it runs
buried in a trench.

For the construction of the new pipe it is necessary to close the gate of the inlet chamber corresponding to the concrete pipe that is out of service, i.e. the left one. In order to achieve total emptying of the pipeline, the corresponding valves in the drainage chambers are opened. In addition, a wall is built inside the outlet chamber to prevent the water from flowing back by gravity from the outlet chamber into the pipeline.

The end of the new siphon is vertical, crossing the sill of the channel or aqueduct located between the outlet chamber of the current siphon and the service connection house of the impulsion. The junction is carried out in the area of the abutment of this aqueduct, reinforcing the inlet pipe with a protective mass concrete crown.

The main measurements of the work are shown below:
– Excavations: 22,478 m3
– Shoring: 15,304 m2
– Landfills: 20,453 m3
– Concrete: 1,428 m3
– Steel: 43,696 kg
– 1 m diameter steel pipe. Length= 2,209 m