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Hydraulics and water treatment, Renewable Energy



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4.106.297,38 €

The purpose of the Project is to describe the construction works for the hydroelectric exploitation at the foot of the dam, of the Arenós reservoir on the Mijares River in the province of Castellón.

The main work planned is as follows:

– Pipes: includes the installation of a steel pipe with a diameter of 1,550 mm, which will connect to the outlet of the current irrigation outlet. This forced pipe will branch into a 1,500 mm and a 700 mm diameter branch corresponding to the two turbine groups installed.

– Power Plant building: it has a floor plan of 25.35 x 11.80 m, and a height above the esplanade variable between 8.60 and 9.00 m, reaching a depth below the esplanade of 9.00 m. On the lower level is where the two groups of electromechanical equipment are located, as well as the control post, electrical cabinets, etc. On the other hand, attached to the building is projected a covered space with a floor occupancy of 14.40 x 5.30 m, and a height on the esplanade variable between 4.85 and 5.00 m, where the medium voltage cells, toilets, etc. are housed.

– Discharge channel: it will collect the flows turbined by the two groups to return them to the discharge pond. It has a rectangular section 4.42 m wide and 5.66 m high from the main group, increasing to a width of 5.1 m at the confluence of the two groups and after leaving the floor projection of the building, with a slope to reach the lower level of the discharge pond.

– Roads and access to the power station and substation.

– Installation and assembly of electromechanical equipment: control and safety valves, turbines, refrigeration, generators, electrical system, power transformer, auxiliary services, protection against discharges and overvoltages, protection against fire, control system and video surveillance and security system.

The start-up of the plant will take place next to the existing Regulatory Bureau gate, connecting to it a special transition piece. The maximum working flow at the outlet of the current gate is set at 46.62 m3/s.

To select the turbines, a simulation of the historical data of exploitation of the reservoir was performed on a range of combinations of flow and nominal head for the turbine type, selecting different configurations. Additionally, a dynamic programming model was performed to estimate the maximum annual output that could be obtained for two of the selected equipment configurations. Finally, from the analysis of these results, the most cost-effective solution was chosen taking into account investment costs, electricity generation, and future flexibility.

A plant is planned with a nominal flow group of 7.3 m3/s and a working head between 65 and 94 m, and a group for ecological flows with a nominal flow rate of 1.4 m3/s and a working head between 64 and 90 m. Both turbines will be Francis type.

Type of services provided:

Drafting of the project and design of the Hydroelectric Power Plant:

  • Structural and detailed engineering for drafting the Project of civil works and facilities of the hydroelectric power plant.
  • Environmental Impact Study.
  • Electrical projects.