Working field

Hydraulics and water treatment, Industrial Facilities



Ending Year



€ 24,897,408.34

The project defines the facilities of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) for the treatment of wastewater in the municipality of Peñíscola, reserving space for future expansion. It includes new sewerage pipelines from the urban area to the site of the WWTP. There is also the refurbishment and rehabilitation of the existing network, as well as the refurbishment of the existing pre-treatment plant and the raising of the waste water, by means of two pumping stations, to the WWTP.

In order to achieve these objectives, the system includes the following actions:
  • Construction of the collectors, pumping stations and drives to collect the wastewater produced in Peñíscola and to lead to the new WWTP.
  • Construction of a new WWTP to treat waste water up to the limits specified in the current regulations.
  • Construction of a terrestrial outflow connecting with the current underwater outflow, for the return to the environment of the treated water from the WWTP.
  • Set-up of facilities, inspection of civil works, hydraulic operation and electrical installation, as well as operation and maintenance of facilities for two years.

Improvements have been made to reduce the energy consumption of the plant during the exploitation phase. With the same aim of reducing consumption, energy consumption studies are also carried out for different types of blowers, since in this type of wastewater treatment plant it is one of the equipment with the highest energy consumption.

With regard to noise, the sound insulation of pumping stations has been improved since they are located in urban environments.

The work programme of the construction company has been monitored, ensuring that the works are carried out on time. Last but not least, a thorough economic control of the work has been carried out so that the cost of the work is as close as possible to the budget established.