Working field

Hydraulics and water treatment



Ending Year



3.412.868,07 €

Detailed description of the project

The emergency works connect the Benicàssim sewerage network and the Castellón sewerage network so that during the summer the excess of the Benicàssim network that cannot be treated at the Benicàssim WWTP can be diverted to the Castellón WWTP. There is a new DN-500 ductile cast iron pipe that connects the La Ratlla pumping system (in Benicàssim) with the Airport pumping system (Castellón), as well as a new DN-600 ductile cast iron pipe that connects the latter with the Pinar pumping system (Castellón). The pumping stations of La Ratlla (Benicàssim), Airport and Pinar (Castellón) are being upgraded and a remote control system is being considered for this new connection.

The design flow of the DN-500 section is 15,000 m3/d, and that of the DN-600 section is 22,370 m3/d. The design flow rate for the Wastewater Pumping Station “La Ratlla” is 5,000 m3/d, for the Wastewater Pumping Station Airport it is 12,370 m3/d and for the EBAR Pinar it is 14,800 m3/d.

The casting pipe consists of a polyurethane inner lining.

The (joint) works have consisted of:

  • Section 1 between WPS “La Ratlla” and WPS “Aeropuerto” (FD DN-500): 2700 ml
  • Section 2 between WPS “Aeropuerto” and WPS “Pinar” (FD DN-600): 1550 ml
  • WPS “La Ratlla” equipment: 1 + 1 CP-3201 MT 630 Flygt pump of 22 KW
  • WPS “Airport” equipments: 1 +1 CP-3306 Flygt impeller pump of DN-400 and 58 KW
  • WPS “Pinar” equipment: 2 +1 Flygt CP-3300 MT 632 pump of 44 KW

Generators have been arranged in all pumping stations, with capacities of 45, 170 and 170 KVA, relatively.

In addition, the following specific actions have been considered:

– crossing of the l’Obra ditch, the Motor ditch and the Travessera ditch by means of a supporting structure in galvanized steel profile (lengths 12, 8 and 14 m respectively). In this area the conduction was materialized by AISI-304 stainless steel pipe.

– crossing the Río Seco by means of a supporting structure made of galvanized steel profiles (length 4 sections of 14 m). In this area the conduction was materialized by AISI-304 stainless steel pipe.

– rehabilitation by internal jacketing of collector sections (DN-800) with significant leaks totalling 150 m in length. It includes punctual sealing of leaks in wells.

– replacement of the inlet pipe to Mohíno pumping, DN-800, in 12 m length, by means of support with piles.

Type of services provided
  • Preparation of initial documentation for the procurement of emergency works
  • Preparation of the construction documentation required for the execution of the works
  • Preparation of administrative documentation of the required work file: processing of permits, processing of extensions of time, processing of modifications.
  • Control of the execution of the work, with permanent presence on site.
  • Quality control of materials in civil works: earth, concrete, steels; according to the Quality Control Plan adopted on site
  • Qualitative Control of Equipment: specifications, suppliers
  • Quantitative control of the work: carrying out measurements, and preparation of Work Certificates.
  • Technical support to the property, in decision-making regarding construction modifications
  • Completion of specific Work Reports in those aspects indicated by the Property
  • Coordination of safety and health