Nueva Segovia (NICARAGUA)


Working field

Architecture and Urban Planning


Ministerio de Salud (MINSA)

Ending Year


$ 59.315.193,16

VIELCA INGENIEROS S. A. is in charge of the Supervision of the Replacement Works and Equipment of the Departmental Hospital of Nueva Segovia in Nicaragua.

Activities carried out under this project:
  • Supervision (technical, economic, environmental, social and administrative) of the contractor.
  • Monitoring of supply.
  • Reception, installation and verification of equipment.
  • Traducir Monitoring of compliance with contract specifications.
  • Control of administrative guidelines and procedures.

The reference building consists of seven buildings with a total construction area of 25,134 m2 for a total of 236 beds. The departmental hospital of Nueva Segovia has an Outpatient Clinic for 21 units, a Surgical Services Unit with 4 operating rooms, an Obstetric and Neonatology Unit, an Intensive Care Unit, a Day Hospital, inpatient wards, a Pharmacy, a Clinical Laboratory, Pathological Anatomy-Morgue and others. In addition, it has 211 parking spaces.

It is a replacement that comes to strengthen the responsiveness of the departmento.